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Re: Alesis AirFX (what's it do?)

matt davignon (04:46 PM 06/08/01) wrote:

 >Does anybody know about the Alesis AirFX? I'm looking at it in a
 >guitar center advertisement. All it says is that it has "tripped out,
 >mind bending effects", but it could be a useful little box. Does
 >anybody have any experience with this unit?

The Alesis website has a lot of info along with the manual.


In short, the box is an effects processor where the params of the various 
effects are controlled by the proximity of your hand/guitar neck/magic 
to the device. This is handled through an infra-red detector and responds 
on 3 axis'. Refer to the Program Chart on the page above to get an idea of 
what params are controllable on what effects.

It's a preset unit (no user memories) with RCA IN/OUT jacks and no MIDI.

The sound is good, the effects are fun, the unit responds well, and it's a 
neat addition to have around.