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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #284

Well,  I don't know about their other gear, but they make a *fabulous*
1/4" patchbay.  Sixty-some-odd dollars and worth every penny!  <g>


Hey, lads:

I've been seeing more and more Behringer equipment available. Kee-rist!
Microphones, numerous effects/other boxes, amplifiers, mixers, speakers,

compressors, etc., etc. What's the story with this company? A lot of
gear is priced really cheap (e.g. effects units). Is their stuff solid?

I like what I've seen of their mixers. I like their smaller mixers for
use as
sub-mixers. I recently purchased an UltraDyne Pro unit to, hopefully,
me in mastering (I had to part with my Finalizer Plus recently).

This company seems like they're on the roll. But how good is their
How can they possibly manufacture all those different products?

Regards, Paul