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Re: Electrix

In a message dated 06/08/2001 7:45:36 PM, PaulPokr@aol.com writes:

>Frankly, I don't know why many people are so ga-ga over the Repeater 
for some very good (hopeful) reasons.

>I'm not knocking it, but the EDP is here now. I see very little discussion
>about the use of this complex unit.
too busy *using* mine:

>Many people were waiting for the EDP's,
>when they were not being manufactured, to be resurrected by Gibson/Trace
>Elliot. I know many folks must have purchased them from Alto, based on
>various discussions. There don't seem to be a lot of EDP evangelists 
>to this board lately.
well, i love the EDP:
love it:
love it!
gonna use a repeater, too.
and a pcm42.

>Anyhow, I've been making some of the best music I ever have in my life
>using the EDP. 
how? technically, i mean:
above, you complained of the lack-of-discussion, re:EDP, soooooo:
give us some tips! favorite functiosn, etc.....

>True, there are things that may be easier done with the Repeater (e.g.
>saving  loops). Nonetheless, there's already a great looper, certainly 
>currently available for a resonable price, in the Echoplex Digital Pro.
though 'best' is a funny word, here, as some folks get ***tons*** of 
functionality from less-featured looping instruments:
important to know that, methinks.

as a dedicated loop-head, though, i don't view these two instruments:
EDP / Repeater:
---which are the only truly *freshly configured* feature-rich high-end 
realtime loopers, i'd say--- , 
as being pitted against each other, as their feature-sets are quite 
so far, i know that i gotta use the both of them.
(pretty voracious of me, eh?)
dt / s-c