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DL4 and JamMan nightmares...

Great, so I've got a gig tonight and both my loop boxes are playing up!

The DL4 is still making weird noises, though I've since discovered that if 
you have two outputs connected, the weird noise is
confined to the Right channel, so so long as I have two jacks connected 
and only want to run one signal I'm fine... problem
is, I usually run from both outputs, allowing me to put my JamMan in a 
separate loop, which means that there's no through
signal and therefor less noise in the chain, and also means that I can use 
a separate volume pedal after the JamMan to fade
that loop without fading the DL4

now my JamMan is playing up!!!!!!!! It keeps resetting the loop - the 
input level light and the display flicker and each time
they do the loop is wiped. I've taken it apart and checked for loose 
chips, I've unplugged the footswitch and triggered it
from the front panel to see if it was the lead or the switch (it isn't), 
I've switched power supplies (still the same)

and worst of all, I've got a gig tonight, playing what looks like being my 
longest ever solo set in a Restaurant in London,
and could really do with having both units working!!!!!

F**ing technology - why didn't I just learn acoustic guitar??????


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