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Re: Cubase, loops, and desperation

  Joe, I've actually had the same problem with another software package.
what I di to solve it was simply to set the bpm of the software to that
listed with the loop I wanted to import, and then import it.  I then
copied the loop into the program's clipboard using the correct numeric
start and end points, I.E. if it was a four beat loop, I'd copy from
measure 1, beat 1, tick, or subbeat 0, to measure 1, beat 4, tick 119.
Obviously, your software's time indexing might be different, but I would
think the concept would be the same.  Anyway, having done that, I'd then
paste the loop  after the original, whatever number of times I'd like.
Does this make sense?  



  At 07:45 PM 6/10/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Just started using Cubase (3.7). Need help with understanding sample
>loops and "parts" in the audio editor. Why when importing a perfect
>sample loop from a CD or from my audio editor (Sound Forge 4.5), can I
>not get Cubase to loop the audio file perfectly just by butting copies
>of the original against one another. There is always an audio pause as
>Cubase moves from one copy to the next. Sanity is slipping away. Any
>help would be a Godsend...


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