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Re: loopers


>somebody said:
>>>> > There are certainly other NYC area loopers... though not nearly to
>>>> > same organized level as on the west coast!
>>>> > on the list, there's myself, anti:clockwise (who's playing on
>>>> > night
>>>> > at the Pink Pony), Steve Sandburg, and a couple of others.
>me, for instance.
>of the guitarists:
>robby aceto.
>elliott sharp.
>leni stern.
>etc etc
>todd reynolds.
>etc etc
>of the dj's:
>way too many to mention.....
>dt / s-c
in NYC-
ah also myself, strung things, mainly guitars
my better half Theresa KK Radka, looping voice, keys and Handsonic, et
cetera who btw is my Goddess
Robert J. Norris guitars, mainly classical, just started looping, i'm
holding my breath.