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Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill outGardenParty 2]


well,if also in rain or dust,I will be there.Maybe the local
"Buergermeister" will offer an place
wich will be protected from natuaral aleatorism.

Hehehehe....got the joke.You will not see me with a Behringer
shirt.Nevertheless I hope that I will
get a Repeateater testimony then ! 

Once again,I don┤t speak for Behringer.I know that Behringer copies a lot 
designs,but mostly in 
an economic operating space,where it is not interesting for other companies
to operate.
Behringer sells the tech of yesterday for an affordable price.That┤s
The economical side of a product is al÷ways different to its qaulity side.

And when I am snibbling the onions,you wil not find one with a Behringer
display ! 
Guaranteed ! 


>Von: Claude Voit <c.voit@vtx.ch>
>An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Betreff: Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill 
>outGardenParty 2]
>Datum: Don, 14. Jun 2001 23:08 Uhr

>Martin Tauchen wrote:
>>  Claude,
>> for myself there is no need for a shelter.:-)
>> I like the weather of Iceland.I am a great Iceland crack,so the weather 
>> CH,
>> will not keep me away !
>Yes but we are playing outside in a park with no stage, no tent 
>so if it rains we're stuck for the concert but we'll play anyways
>somewhere else (don't know yet but we'll play)
>> And what a fortune to see Matthias and Claude on stage.Great.
>> If some third party help is needed,I will cook for you coffee and so on.
>is making coffee cooking ??
>> But I will be there,and I hope a lot of european loopers too.
>> At least I would also snibble tons of onions,only to join this event !
>> Is thart a deal ? :-)
>snibble onions ????????
>there will also be a very private Repeater test/ride for those from the
>list that will show up
>with a behringer T-shirt 
>> Marty
>> ----------
>> >Von: Claude Voit <c.voit@vtx.ch>
>> >An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> >Betreff: Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill out 
>GardenParty 2]
>> >Datum: Don, 14. Jun 2001 22:37 Uhr
>> >
>> >Martin Tauchen wrote:
>> >>
>> >>  What a great googlee Mooglee,
>> >>
>> >> Claude and Mathias,or Mathias and Claude have a chill out garden 
>> >> A big loopers event and night.
>> >>
>> >> I will try to come to this session.
>> >>
>> >> And to all loopers of the european countries ! Don┤t miss it.
>> >>
>> >> REMEMBER JUNE 23 !
>> >>
>> >Marty
>> >
>> >Hey just ask if you need some shelter
>> >
>> >we now just hope the weather be handsome too ,,,
>> >
>> >Claude
>> >