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Re: improv voice loops

Title: Re: improv voice loops
Am new to this list, and am wondering what others use voice as their primary
sound source for loop composition and performance (real-time sampling)?

I've been using my voice a lot for looping.  I sing, and also use a VL70 breath-controlled synth and a NX5 synth for all kinds of sounds.  But more and more I find my voice is the most alive and interesting instrument, and I tend to use it as the basis for loops -- and use the synths for coloring.
An example -- yesterday I was working on a song and wanted a house music kind of beat.  So I used my synth drum kit, and it sounded amateurish.  Then I experimented with my voice and got something really cool.  I sang "A-chica" (the "A" was very low, like a kick drum, the "chica" like a hihat or shaker) over and over, and looped only one.  This gave me a very cool quarter note loop.  (By the way, I used a kaos pad to also give me my voice an octave down from what I sang).  Then I multiplied the loop on my echoplex, sang a bass line on top of that.  Sounded very cool, trancy.  Then, I played some kick and snare on top.  Now I had a cool sounding loop that didn't sound like a bad attempt to loop dance music live -- it sounded pretty unique.  
That's just one example.  I find that in general using the voice gives very organic, cool-sounding loops with a lot of aliveness and emotional warmth.