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RE: NYC loopers/gigs

> Also,
> Paul Sullivan-guitars & loops
> David Weeks-saxophones & loops
> Don Peretz-drums & cymbals
> performing at the Brooklyn Working Artists Coalition pier show closing
> party
> in Redhook, Brooklyn this Saturday night, June 16, from 5 to 8 pm.
> This is the 9th year of the BWAC pier show, where hundreds of local
> artists
> exhibit their work in a huge civil-war era warehouse on the waterfront in
> Red Hook, Brooklyn. Come early to check out the artwork, the beautiful
> view
> from the promenade with a birds-eye view of the Statue of Liberty, and
> stay
> for the music, auction, raffles, food and drink, etc. Admission is free.
> For
> directions and more info, go to <http://bwac.org/> Hope to see some local
> list members!   
***cool. have some music samples on the web? Any other loopers have some
mp3s they've written & care to share?