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Re: improv voice loops

dt wrote:
"sounds like an awful lotta fun!

rw replies:
    Yeah, it was awesome.  The incredible video animator, David Tristram
(who did seminal groundbreaking work for SGI graphics)  performed an 
set of live animation incorporating computer graphics and a live visual 
off of the stage.   Four, state of the art video animators in Los Angeles
(500 miles away), hearing of his impending performance flew up
to watch it on that Tuesday night.   He said afterwards that, remarking
about the music and video, one of the videographers said,  "There is 
this creative being done in L.A. these days, visually or auditorily".
It thrilled me to hear that because Santa Cruz is sometimes treated as a
backwater by the larger San Francisco and L.A. and it's nice to know that 
are keeping up with our big brother and sister ;-)
Also, it really warmed my heart when, at the end of the show, all of the
artists clustered around the show planning collaborative projects, talking
electronic technique.  To see the opera singer, Amy Escalere, talking
animatedly with the death metal singer, Jeremy Zumaran was really
gratifying.  I think every vocalist who didn't own one went away with
plans to get themselves a looping device............very cool.
later,   Rick