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Problems with a Boss VF-1

Hi all. I've got a problem with my VF-1. Dunno if anyone there has one. I don't know how, since I keep it locked in my rack, in my home studio, its cpu had a failure, and (that is what a former Roland repairer told me) it lost all the system exclusives, the basic software. I tried to download the update of the system exclusives from the RolandUs.com site, but it has a broken link. Has anyone had the same experience with this unit? I'm a bit upset, as having the unit repaired from a Roland center will cost me almost a third of the price of the unit, and I'll have to wait nearly two months for the job. And if the (ex-Roland) technician (electronic engineer) I know is right the repairing consists only in loading the new software in the unit. He checked all the components, and all works. Infact when I power up the unit the lcd screen lights up, the signal goes through the unit, even the digital out works, but the screen shows nothing, and the signal is uneffected.
If anyone out there downloaded the software update, please send it to me via e-mail, or give me a link to download it.Please.
This is one of my main machines in my looping studio, and I need to get it restored.
Good bye to all of you.