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Re: Home Studios for a very small space

Dear improv@peak.org:

       I don't have a picture to send, but I have created what I think is a way to solve space problems and gadget hookup problems for a practicing musician.  Upon a simple black Manhasset music stand, I have attached a Roland R-70 Human Rhythym Composer/drum machine, Zoom BFX-708 bass effects signal processor, Bross 3 channel stereo headphone mixer, Sony miniature minidisc recorder/player, Sabine electronic guitar tuner, CD player, Sabine Backtrack riff sampler, lamp (to illuminate everything), and a 6 outlet power strip.  All of these items are attached with Velcro strips and fit on a single music stand!  I have purchased a Tascam 564 Digital Multitrack recorder which I am also going to attach to the set up described above.  This will be done by taking the music shelf from another Manhasset music stand, attaching strips of strap metal at appropriate points, and then bolting the assembly on the music stand support rod of the existing unit beneath the shelf that contains all the stuff I've named above.  This compact assembly will give me tremendous flexibility in my practicing and recording jam tracks to minidisk and then layering additional bass guitar parts.  Hooking all this stuff up each time I want to practice simply is too time consuming and wearisome.  I can pick up the whole thing and carry it to wherever I want, including the site of a performance.  This type of setup may not be at all what you need for your purposes, but at least it points out that you have got to be creative in getting all your musical and recording gadgets into a compact space that is very convenient.  I would welcome your or anybody's comments on other types of setups that can take the drudgery out of setting up equipment for practicing and recording.  Yours truly, Ron Smith, Louisville, Kentucky.

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>does anybody have pictures of their home recording setup? i am trying to
>make the most of a really small space and i could use some ideas. thanks in

just what the world needs....
another frikkin url