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Re: Repeater Quad Looping?

Kungha wrote
>Has anyone been studying the Repeater manual?(or would Damon like to
>comment?) It appears one needs to choose between quadraphonic looping
>and using the effects loop.

Well, the back panel only HAS four outputs... so there's a limit
to what you can fit into four.

Four is very good, really, at that price point and form factor.

page 21 of 

>For those of you with large format expensive consoles with great EQ 
>and routing capabilities
>Repeater's 25mm faders may not quite be your cup of teaŠ Well, we 
>thought about you, and
>how much we'd like to be you, but in the meantime here's how to set 
>up Repeater to send
>each channel out a unique output.
>· First make sure TRACKS 1 & 3 are panned hard left, and TRACKS 2 & 
>4 hard right.
>· Now press FX Insert and de-select tracks 1 & 2.
>· You will now find tracks 1 & 2 on the main outputs, and tracks 3 & 
>4 on the FX Sends.
>· Simply set the track levels to 0 and take command from the bridge 
>of your own console.

Well, that's a GREAT feature!  (particularly if you are going
into a mixer and don't need an effects send)!

But you can always play four loops at a time, at
least so goes my reading of the manual.

And you can set levels and pan (and pitch?) through MIDI
so if you have some MIDI control surface, you could even
do a pretty decent mix of the four different loops and
the effects returns.

Reading further:  this IS a nice start to a paragraph:
>To sync to audio at the FX Insert Return:

So these two inputs ALSO have two uses:
you can use them for FX return
OR for an audio trigger in...

*Really* nice feature set.  They really get the best they
can out of four inputs and four outputs in a little
bitty box.  (insert "repeater doesn't yet exist" quibble here...)


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