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Re:OT: Personal Audio space

<<<What I want is a "perception aid".  It seems to me that DSP's are good
enough that if combined with a couple good microphones you could cancel out
the noise and enhance the nearby sound>>>

That is exactly why the FBI invented the parametric equalizer:   to hone in
on a single sound source (a mobster making a hit request at an outdoor
public pay phone) and eleminating all of the 'masking' frequencies of
ambient traffic and conversation.   They used it to narrow the bandwidth
until it exactly matched the 'intelligibility' frequencies of the mobsters'
voice and then crank up it's volume (or lower all the other frequencies'
They used highly directional long distance shotgun microphones which can
still be purchased (and are rather costly).

Now, of course, this was told to me 20 years ago by somebody whose name I
can't remember and I know that Richard Zvonar is going to write in with a
detailed description of the person who did it (who will have been an
acquaintance of his at one point, no doubt :-)-------seriously,  Richard is
the largest repository of musical facts of any human being that I"ve ever
met and I mean that as the highest of high compliments).

They have already included algorhythms to put subsonic distortioin out of
phase with itself in the new (and highly recommended) 12" powered Mackie
monitors, allowing them to produce subsonics down to 40 cycles with
volume.  We'll actually be using dinky 12" speakers as our mains for the
lion share of the  upcoming Bass Looping Tour!!!!!!

later,  Rick Walker