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LA loop fest!!

>>>If Tony can provide the space and do it any day other than Friday,
then how about Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th?  Or the weekend
after that if need be?

Here's the potential players thus far:

Steve Lawson
Gary Lehman
Tony Moore
My own meager self

Anyone else I've missed?  Or haven't missed?

Someone reply to this, and help get this thing happening, please!<<<

I'm SOOOO up for this - let's do it - I could probably do 24th (I land on
the 23rd, so not the best day for a gig), but a little longer to get the
word out would be cool...

the following weekend, I'm playing at Bass Day at MI in Hollywood, so am 
available Saturday, but could do Sunday night, or pretty much any night
during the week...