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re: OT: Personal Audio Space? tinius

I spent some time building, fixing, and seeing some new stuff on hearing 
aids.  Shoot I even wear them.
One quite popular company puts a 16 band EQ in them.
The one's I wear, have 2 digital settings.  I have them calibrated to cut 
all the highs or restore my loss, which is at the high end.
I have made some with directional mics.  They attenuate the sound from the 
back of the head.  This is the limit that I have seen for enhanced 
As I have watched this thread bring up tinius, I should add, they do have 
hearing aid for sufferers of tinius.  They do not call them hearing aids 
they do not amplify sound.  They are pretty much aids without a 
using the noise floor of the amp to mask the tinius.
I don't believe the noise cancelling system to be useable for hearing aids.
Hearing aids are VERY limited in cancelling out unwanted noise and are a 
pain in the ars.  Amp noise is very present in these also, constant buzz.  
The low voltage source has much to do with this. The different amps also 
have different sounds.  I have 2 liniar amps that I always though I would 
put into a mic for harmonica as they have a great midrange tone.
Capt. Molecule
From: "Allan Hoeltje" <ahoeltje@best.com>
To: "Loopers Delight" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 8:59 PM
Subject: OT: Personal Audio Space?

>Sorry if this seems too far off topic but I figured someone here might
>about hearing aid technology.  I will also throw in some loop content.
>Have you ever been in a loud restaurant and couldn't make out what the
>person sitting across from you was saying because the background noise was
>so loud?
>What I want is a "perception aid".  It seems to me that DSP's are good
>enough that if combined with a couple good microphones you could cancel
>the noise and enhance the nearby sound.  Fit the electronics and mics into
>battery powered, walkperson sized box, plug into it with head phones (the
>ear plug kind, like what some performers use on stage) and have yourself a
>"personal audio space".
>Anyone know if this is possible, or available?
>For looping or recording, it could be used as a pre-amp (a de-amp?) in
>Always Curious,

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