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The first LA Loop Fest!!!

>>>yep, thursday is cool with me. i'm also fee over the weekend if anyone
wants to just come by and jam or whatever.

sounds like steve is cool with it. since the space is small, i'm a bit
worried if we have too many performers, the gear will take up as much
space as listeners :-)  maybe should have two shows? a show for us local
la loopers and a seperate show for steve? any thoughts anyone? also,
since steve is traveling, it'd be cool to toss some dough his way. any
thoughts how to handle it?

also, i have secured a pa for the evening. so if folks are willing to go
direct, that may save some space.<<<

How about we go for three artists? I don't mind who else plays, though I
have to say I've been wanting to hear Andre for ages, so pleeeeeeze play!

dough would be very nice indeed, though I'm happy to go by donation (I'll
bring a hat) or do some deal where it's $5 to get in, but it gets you a
token for $5 off the cost of my CD, so if you buy the album, you get in for
free... :o) Whatever, I'm just looking forward to playing and hanging out!

So we're booked - thursday, doors 7.30 for an 8 start? bring your own

how's all that sound? i'll put the word round if everyone's cool with that

please CC me if  you're replying to this as I'm on in digest mode and wanna
get this sorted ASAP!

you guys rock - let's do a loop fest! the spirit of Rick Walker looms
large... LOL