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Re: The first LA Loop Fest!!!

Hey LA Loopers!
Congrats on the 1st LA Looping Fest! Sounds like a great time.  I wish I 
checked in on my e-mail earlier, and I would have thrown my hat into the 
ring (er...I mean loop).  But it sounds like you have loopers a-plenty.  I 
live in Tehachapi which is up in the mountains 'tween Bakersfield and LA.  
But, then, I was at the 1st Loop fest in Santa Cruz back in Jan. and I 
be on the "tour" ( as supporting guest artist) with Michael Manring, Steve 
Lawson and Rick Walker....and I have a new baby to hang with that weekend. 
But, when the 2nd LA LoopFest comes around please count me in!!!
It is so cool how quickly you all banded together and are pulling this 
Best of luck and keep us all posted!!!
Loop On
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