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Re: OT: Jehn's (and anyone else's tinitus)

DavAuk@Hevanet.Com writes:
>I am a cyclist, and traffic is one of the major sound sources on this
>planet (w/o any redeeming qualities of music)!
ha! really?
music is anywhere ya hear it.

>I knew my tinitus was
>worsening when I started hearing it over the sounds of traffic...  For
>years I was pretty strung-out on ear plugs, but was advised by two
>audiologists that over-use was akin to wearing dark glasses all the
>time: eventually, even moderate intensity becomes too much.  Now, while
>I still do wear plugs riding in heavy traffic, I have freed myself from
>overly protecting my ears, and it's GREAT!  Too much sound (restaurants:
>agrh!) still can hurt, but letting more in has toughened me up quite a
>bit.  I'm freed from a silly addiction (still have the plugs in my
>pocket, just in case!).  ...not a 'cure' in the tinitus dept, but I'll
>just live w/it...
i have, well..... very strong tinnitus, in addition to my severe hearing 
--- (i'm legally deaf, w/no hearing-nerve on one side, & approx. 40% 
on the other) --- and i'm constantly learning to live w/it.
high caffeine (& stress)-levels seem to bring the tinnitus to the fore, 
but i 
thrive on both.
sometimes, i just hang out..... relaxing..... listening closely to the 
weave of textures/pitches/gurglings self-recreating 'in' my head.....
i never fight w/it, anymore.
dt / s-c