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Re: Yo

I use a Fernandes Sustainer sometimes. It's a Retro Rocket (Strat copy) I
got it for around $400 on ebay.

It's Korean made, ok quality for the $, I only use it for the sustainer
function but the sustainer is a thing of beauty. Way too much fun and very
usable for a multitude of stuff.
Constant sustaining clean or distorted notes or chords, smooth consistent
sustain too, the system really works.
The only drag on mine is that when the sustainer is engaged you can only 
the bridge pickup.
Fernandes are plentiful second hand and usually a bargain. You can buy the
pickup system separately but it's expensive and requires extensive wiring 
fit (I heard that a complete rewire was needed but that might just be crazy

Martin Shellard 

> From: "Q" <qslicer@pionet.net>

> I'm just wondering if anyone here uses Steinbergers...or, if anyone uses
> those Fernandes Sustainer guitars. I thought it'd be something worth 
> into..so, if anyone has either of these, tell me what kind and if you 
> them.
> -Andy