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Re: Sustainers...

I just took delivery of a stealth system. I've just made a start on
installing it.
Hopefully it'll be running by the weekend.
If it's all it's cranked up to be I'll be raving about it next week!


> > Fernandes are plentiful second hand and usually a bargain. You can buy
the pickup system separately but it's expensive and requires extensive
wiring to fit (I heard that a complete rewire was needed but that might 
be crazy talk) Martin Shellard
> It's no exaggeration... it's a very intrusive rewire... plus some routing
probably. Nice to have new pickups with long wires so you don't have to get
into splicing stuff... (unless you're way capable with the iron...)
> >> I'm just wondering if anyone here uses Steinbergers...or, if anyone
uses those Fernandes Sustainer guitars. I thought it'd be something worth
looking into..so, if anyone has either of these, tell me what kind and if
you like them. -Andy
> I love my sustainer system... Mine's a Sustainiac Stealth. It was $225
new, uninstalled... I had a local tech do the final install and I did the
routing on my guitar body... which was a pain, but I learned a lot doing
it... It was a completely new build for me, and I wanted a sustainer
badly... The Stealth Plus is a smaller circuit board which fits in the trem
cavity on a strat... maybe that's the hot way to go these days.
> Mine works really well and has both fundamental and harmonic mode... You
have to get used to the way it works to really integrate it smoothly into
your playing, but there's loads you can do with it immediately as well.
> http://www.sustainiac.com/
> I had a couple problems due to the installation and ended up sending my
guitar body minus the neck to Alan for him to really get it fine tuned. 
been great since. It's been worth every penny...
> Best,
> -Miko