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Re: Yo

I used to have the original Steinberger licensed guitar in the '80s and I
agree, the neck is great, I also have a Klein on the way which will be my
first headless for 10 years.
The higher end Steinbergers are no longer being made but you can find them
I think a lot of loopers use them compared to other styles of guitarists 
looping a style?) partly because they are great guitars but also
ergonomically they are good if you tweak a lot of controls when you play,
plus there's the futuristic element of a headless in a high tech 
seems to sit better than in a classic rock setting (though I have seen
Leslie West play one  :  )

The Fernandes I have is pretty much a low end Korean Strat but with the
sustainer it's great. On it's own it's ok, not great. Fernandes do make 
higher end sustainer guitars, look on their website for model info. Even 
top of the line ones ($1500 retail) will end up on ebay for $400-500.
I wouldn't have bought a Fernandes if they hadn't had the sustainer but
they're certainly not bad guitars.
If I'd wanted a Strat (I didn't) I would have spent the money on a G&L or
something else but it was the sustainer I was interested in. For what you
can get one for I'd say a Fernandes sustainer is a no brainer. I have a
separate sustainer pickup too but I haven't found a home for it yet. Having
a sustainer fitted to a large bodied Steiny shouldn't be a problem but it
will be expensive, the pickups aren't cheap and unless you are very handy
with a soldering iron you'll need someone to fit it.
If you're looking for just a sustainer pickup check out the sustainiac site

I know a few bands that use a Fernandes sustainer, The Edge form U2, Steve
Vai, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Nine Inch Nails, Lee Ranaldo, Reeves

There's a list on the website  :  )

Martin Shellard 

> From: "Q" <qslicer@pionet.net>

> I've just sort of noticed that a lot of loopers use Steinbergers and/or
> Klein guitars...