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Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

>I have a Boomerang 
>I've been using for about a year and have wanted something deeper with
>memory and options to save multiple loops back and forth via my mac.
of the looping-devices, only the repeater offers easy storage/media 
w/other devices, ya gotsta re-record yer analog outputs into the computer 
or, if yer veryvery patient, ye can use midisampledump on the edp.

>I've tried to compare the Echoplex Digital Pro with the as yet to be 
>released Electrix Repeater, but since the Echoplex's are rare
i don't think the edp is rare; i think you could have one right now:
alto music, in middletown/wappingers falls ny.

>and the 
>Repeater isn't out, all I have done is read manuals online.
>I am eager to make an investment, and both units are close in price (I
>think), but without anything tangible to go on, I am thinking about the
>Boss unit to maintain me until I can find these units and really check
sounds like a waste, to me:
edp now, repeater in 2 weeks (or less?).

>Has anyone out there done any of the same preliminary research on the 
>Repeater, or can offer some virtues of the Echoplex in a somewhat 
>comparison? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
please check this list's archives:
there's *loadsa* material available, re:both, awready!

anyway, the edp & repeater feature-sets are quite different:
i'm pretty dedicated to looping, and feel the need to use both of them.
dt / splattercell