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Re: quick responses to a couple of questions form the DRUMMERS chain

Someone wrote this and i copied it an promptly accidentally erased the
original and
forgot who it is (he says sheepishly):

"It's very cool but playing with one hand and Pressing the EDP footswitch
with the other is not only tolerable because I have no other option."

I play with either a permanently closed hi hat (or suitable alternative ;-)
or I use a regular hi hat.
Either way, I put my looping on/off pedals immediately to the left of my
heel plate on the hi hat stand and have practised looping with my heel 
still putting pressure on the ball of my foot to keep the hi hat
closed....It only took me about ten minutes of practise before I got it
wired.  this way I get to use all four limbs in my trapset playing and 
loop myself

Dennis Leas asked:

"How do you mic your ghatams?  I play an udu that has a small hole for a 
in the "neck".  I use an el cheapo Radio Shacko mic ($25) and it works

I just use a beta 58 and I experiment with placement in each situation.  I
a brass/copper spittoon ghatam, a purple glass ghatam, a liquid glass 
(flower pot with water in it), a gourd ghatam and an
antique aluminum milk jug ghatam..........oh yeah and I have a custom made
four note
ceramic ghatam and one of those LP small Udu drums which is actually one of
my least favorite instruments of this class.

You are right, that radio shack $25 mic rocks!!!  so do their $3 piezo
elements that end up being the exact same pickup found in
the $125 oud pickup that I purchased recently.   If you are into contact
mics, go buy a gang of them because radio shack just dicontinued them,

yours,  Rick