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RE: EDP's just turned up

Very glad you're now up and running. I'll leave the function questions to
more experienced EDP users, I'm sure you'll get good response from these
All you UK Loopers out there; I have about 80 left in stock before we make
more and I will sell direct, just mail me or call 01621 851851,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: SoundFNR@aol.com [mailto:SoundFNR@aol.com]
> Sent: 22 June 2001 10:05
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Cc: andy.ewen@trace-elliot.com
> Subject: EDP's just turned up
> Hi Andy, 
> yes, I know 2 people who might like an EDP, don't think they have
> the cash however , (i'll try and tempt them)
> if you don't see this on LD:-
> Well it's been a long wait (here in UK) ,
> but 2 EPDs finally turned up on the doorstep last friday.
> so some  EDP questions 
> 1) I want to be able to switch from one loop to another at
> any time, but always start the new loop from the beginning,
> can I do this without a MIDI controller?
> 2) Wasn't there talk on the list about an EDP bug during stereo
> operation, where the loops change over at different times?
> 3)So I've got a stereo loop going, and I put the 2 loops out of
> sync (by going into reverse for a bit on one machine), how can
> I get the loops re-synced?
> 4)Whats the easiest way to toggle whether one unit midi-controls
> the other. 
> EDP favourite features.
> 1) the ability to overdub on any loop and have the overdub control 
> the loop length ( by finishing overdub with record) .
> this means I can OD a rhythm on top of an 'ambient' loop and end up
> with the rhythm repeating in time with a cut off version of 
> the ambient loop 
> in
> the background.
> 2) starting with a stereo loop , but multiplying the two 
> sides differently.
> (3 against 4, for instance)
> then any overdubs will sometimes appear in full stereo, but more often
> they'll be split from side to side 
> EDP comments
> 1) I get a real impression that this was designed in stages, simple
> functions first, with more complex additions later.
> So easy to start with, and learn the other functions later.
> 2) The MIDI implementation seems to be sequencer orientated,
> rather than for a foot controller. (the "long press" idea)
> In a future upgrade maybe it would be nice to access the various 
> parameters by the value sent with the continuos controllers.
> (at current time I think only values 0 & 64 are used)    
> Well I really like these machines, many thanks to Matthias & Kim (etc)
> and of course to Andy Ewen at Trace
> andy butler