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Re: OT: Tabla loops, samples and my Indian Rhythm mistatements

In a message dated 6/22/2001 5:25:40 AM, GLOBAL@cruzio.com writes:

<< though don't get some african or indian
musicians or, worse yet, students of african or indian musicians who are 
originally from the culture going on this subject........it'll never end >>

haha, thats so true... I think when you brush aside all of the theory 
is important and has its place you find that the only thing left is the 
important... the beat... whether it is indian or african or brazilian etc 
etc... the beat started somewhere and you can find as many similarities as 
differences when you look closely at drumming in many cultures... as 
who studies north indian classical drumming I have had many a conversation 
about this with my instructor because I began drumming on kit and soon 
up djembe and for a few years now have been strictly studying tabla... I 
that my djembe playing is now pretty different and largely influenced by 

Im  glad to learn that there are many drumming musicians on the list!!! 

off to work,