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Re: Electrix blow-out please help!

Thanks for your helpfull advice :)
I keep a very little hope to find this device...

> Hello Gauthier, I am in Canada too (sask), and had a VERY hard time even
> finding a dealer who knew about Electrix. Which is a shame because of
> Electrix is a canadian company!  Anyways, I talked to the people directly
> Electrix and they told me the blow out price only relates to a few
> in the United States ONLY.
> I was interested in the Mo-Fx and Filter Factory just like you, and I
> managed to find both but only by phoning some smaller U.S. retailers who
> were willing to price-match the blow out price (only Musician's Friend 
> Guitar Centre officially).  MF and GC don't even deliver to Canada!  Go 
> the Electrix website (www.electrixpro.com) and look up the american
> retailers, then start phoning a few of them to find 1) Do they have the
> units in stock? 2) Will they match the blowout price? 3) Will they ship 
> canada?
> That's all I can suggest... Good Luck!
> Matt

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