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re: Off Topic-indulge me please

This has been the most fascinating chain and I realize that I am a very
lucky person:

My wife and I just purchased a spankin' new
1.4 ghz P4 computer with a printer and scanner so that while she works on
her current solo album , I can be composing my next electronica outing on
the 'old' 800mghz
P3 in the recording studio next door to the kitchen (where the new one is).
We're so into it, we dont' even really have a dining room table any
more.........that's cool we take our food in and watch the latest season of
bootlegged Sopranos shows ;-)

She rocks so mightily and I am proud to say that we are going to re-up our
marriage vows
(we had one of those unconventional west coast write your own vows kind of
wedding) this summer on our 10th anniversary.

We don't have children and have agreed that
our songs are going to be our kids this time around (although I felt a
little sadness reading about everybody's kids on the list).

You know, this particular chain has given me more insight into the lives of
some of the constant contributors than most of the
electrix posts.  I'm greatful to know this wonderful community  even more
than before.

We should give ourselves a big pat on the back for being so cool.

yours, Rick Walker