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RE: Off Topic-indulge me please

roberto wrote

> One thing strikes me: where are the young ones?

omjn replies

Hello Roberto,

We are here (if indeed, 25 is considered young.  certainly younger..).
Given that we don't don't make any money out of music either, most of us
probably haven't got the head start to afford the multiple EDP's and Rang's
and DL4's and the rest of the copious gear you FREAK's seem to have!!  Just
kidding, i am very envious, and so keep my postings limited.  Much better 
listen and learn from my persepective at least.  And yes I hope to continue
the fine traditions defined by many of the older geneartion of tinkerers -
from cage to reich to hassel to laurie anderson to louie andresson (sp?) to
very early kraftwerk (rolf and florian yes, autobahn - I don't think so) to
la monte young to...

so much to learn, so many experiments