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OT: Cajones for Cojones

James wrote:
    <<<I hate to be pedantic about spelling /
Spanish slang, but "cajones" means "large boxes."  The term you want is

This post is so amazingly synchronous!!!

I am preparing this week for my upcoming Looping Tour.  I also just
happened, yesterday, to have visited an older gentleman who is friends with
my wife from her work at a local independent bookstore.   Noticing his
beautiful woodworking set up in his garage I told him that I have always
wanted to build a
"Cajon" which is a traditional Cuban folkloric insturment that is basically
a plywood box that produces deep bass tones and high pitched slapping 
that makes it
analogous to a conga drum.  The commercial ones available are really
expensive and out of my price range.
  He laughed, and said, "I thought that Cajones meant testicles".  I, being
a non-spanish speaker, replied "I think they are spelled the same but they
mean different things contextually".
    It is just so amazing that this thread is occuring and this all
happened, coincidentally, yesterday.
    Gracia por la leccion piquena in Espanol,
Ricardo (el looppool)

PS  I'm sure I screwed that sentence up but I had to risk it ;-0)