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"The spirits are great guitars, and anyone who says otherwise hasnt played 

oooohh... I was under the impression those were not that good even fr 
their price. I
was considering buying a GU7R (but they never show on the eurpean music yo 
The luthier that built and designed (in wrong order) my "Tap Guitar" 
something related to the stick, but with an obvious care for not breaking 
any of Emett
Chapman's patents, ie: a different neck -size, fretting etc- a completely 
kind of pick up and piezo in the bridge, but that is a totally other 
story) told me
that he had to work on one a while ago and that the work, even for a low 
instrument was really unsatisfying...

Do these have neck as thick as original Steinies???

Olivier Malhomme