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Re: Unsubscribe me!!!!!!!!!!!

>           each poor guy asking for unsub on the list gets automatically
>           to the "Lobsters delight mailing list" trap
>           where he gets a daily message on the art of sus/unscribing
>           at the end of the week our webmaster Kim picks up his large
>           boots and goes to lobbster fishing
>           the more polite he will free, the stupid ones he will keep,
>for another
>           week or so
>           come on litle lobsters...

actually, there used to be an ML bozos mailing list,
where you could subscribe people who had done dumb
things like sending email to a list asking to subscribe.

you'd get clear instructions as to how to unsub
when you joined ML bozos but no one read it so
all the traffic was things like "unsubscribe me, please"
or "where is all this email coming from?"

it would make me laugh to read them all.  but it got
shutdown.  pity.


                                  that was fast

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