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Re: mac-music-edit

My fellow PC User's - This is what I use to render my mixes !

 * Sonic Foundry ACID Pro 3.0, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 5.0, Cool Edit Pro 1.2a, Cool Edit 2000, Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio 2.0g, Reason, ReCycle 2.0, Mixman Studio 4.0, Goldwave (why you ask ?), AudioCatalyst 2.1, Sonar 1.0.1, Rebirth, FruityLoops 3.1.1 (with the FruityScratcher Plugin, that sux !), DreamStation, Cubase VST, Wavelab 3, MixMeister 3, ProTools Free, and Cubase InWire and my Brain !

Jon Meinild wrote:
> Fellow Mac-users:
> Which programs do you use when you edit your music - compress, fade in/out,
> combine with another musicpiece: prepare your music to the internet as small
> mp3-teasers...
> Best
> Jon Meinild

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