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Octophonic sound system


   I'm very interested in the software you and your friend are working on. 
 I got your post through Looper's Delight, and I have to say I was 
floored.  I've thought about an independent channel octophonic system for 
years now, and have many ideas on the subject.

    My question is, are you just making a program that will allow discreet 
mixing to the 8 channels, or are you programming an automatic mixing 
architecture that will allow locallized sound placement within an audio 
matrix field?  This way, one could use a joystick to "drive" a sound 
across the field, and, if one were especially tricky, program 
psychoacoustic effects to follow the sound along, such as a simple phased 
doppler effect as it passes "center" or a reverb dispersion which 
simulates space beyond the speaker array itself, turning a localized 
listening room into an enourmous cathedral.  

     This kind of software would also be crucial for the programming of 
supersonic sounds summing out of phase at their intersection point, 
creating an ACTUAL locallized sound, which can only be heard within the 
intersection.  As you might know, supersonic sounds have a low rate of 
dispersion, and can be focused like a laser.  If one were to create an 
array of these speakers, one could actually pixellate sound.  (providing 
there's no one and nothing else in the room to obstruct the sounds from 
reaching their intersection)    

    Please let me know if any of these are being addressed, and when you 
expect to be finished.

                             Aaron Goldsmith