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Re: 3D Audio

At 08:26 p.m. 26/06/01 +0200, you wrote:

hi luigi

>Another freeware I found that has the possibility of  quadriphonic output 
>the Modplug Tracker (which in the last incarnation can even use VST
>plug-ins) - well, it can save its mixdowns to quadriphonic .Wav files with
>various degrees of sample rate and bits, and I find it to be very useful 
>with a good computer it supports up to 128 voices of poliphony - not that
>bad for a free software ain't it?

        may you know the address where to
        download the plug-in ?

thanks a lot from València (Mare Nostrum) 
Junkie G


"cheers from catalonia,
which language, people 
and culture have been harassed
by centralists in spain through the years"