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Re: EDP Midi updates in new OS?

>LOL- I was reading this and thinking, "Yeah, good question!" , and 
>waddaya know- I asked it in the first place! Wasn't expecting to see 
>my name at the bottom of the post-

yes, I am about a month behind mail, sorry :-)

>Thanks for the reply Mattias- I appreciate the continued support of 
>the EDP- looking forward to the update- Do you expect to have enough 
>supply? If not, can I pre-pay? :)

oh thank you for caring. Its a nice idea, but what if I discover that 
the thing is never going to work right? :-)

>----- Original Message -----
>From: <mailto:matthias@grob.org>Matthias Grob
>Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 9:02 AM
>Subject: Re: EDP Midi updates in new OS?
>>Mattias and Kim-
>Hi guys- been using my EDP synced or generating Midi Clock lately- 
>either to Cubase, Acid or out to a delay unit- I am wondering if the 
>new software will support timecode and also if there will be a way 
>to re-sync to incoming clock on the fly- the 2 sources drift after 
>awhile and also it would make tempo transitions smooth I think- 
>Thanks again- Cliff
>yes, resync is one of the major things we were working about, Claude 
>helped a lot.
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