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Peavey delay pedal on HC

Saw this on Harmony Central's classifieds and thought
I'd pass it along.  I am not selling this item myself,
so please DO NOT email me!

Peavey DDl3 Digital Delay Pedal
Asking Price: US$50
Condition: Excellent
Age: 10 years 
Peavey DDl3 Digital Delay Pedal is an ultra quiet,
quality 3.2 second digital delay effects pedal.
sound quality only found in many large rack-mount
delays is 
housed right in this pedal. Four delay ranges, along
infinite hold function and logical, easy to use
make the DDL-3 an excellent addition to your floor
High headroom line level capability allow the unit to
patched into high level fx loops for the best in
delay effects. Housed in a yellow diecast construction
soft touch switching and LED indicator, has a few
nicks from 
use, comes with original packaging and manual. Asking
buyer pa
Seller: chris merola, 914-332-0128
E-mail: aleister5@aol.com (Profile)
Location: North Tarrytown, NY
Post Date: 6/27/2001

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