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RE: first la loop feste

Yeah... kudos to Tony! It sounds like this may be the beginnings of a 
semi-regular sorta thing!

I'm a Santa Cruz goon, so I wasn't there, but it's great knowing we're all 
getting together and building community! Hope it was fun and not stressful 
for the players... Feeling any better Andre? I'll bet it was a blast...


>>> healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net 06/29/01 10:09AM >>>
Hey, thanks should be heaped on Tony for contributing his time, resources,
and even buying new JBL powered speakers for the occasion.  We certainly
couldn't have had it at my apartment!  The whole thing was only possible
because of Tony Moore, so props are in order--

And yes, it's obvious that Andre has spent a lot of time with his EDP--

Nobody seemed to using quantize with their EDP, and Andre didn't even use 
expression pedal.  He kept doing these enormous string bends on his
Steinberger (into a Boogie).  Steve had his Ashdown bass amp, but was using
two DL-4 instead of one since he didn't have his Jamman--boy, is his tone 
die for.  Ric did a great job but had to struggle with using borrowed
equipment.  I saw at least one famous face there.

The big lesson I learned last night is to try to stay in your comfort
zone--wish I had more time to practice.
I want a Repeater but nobody last night had one and there was plenty of
sound 8^)

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony Moore [mailto:tony-moore@juno.com] 
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 6:57 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com 
Subject: first la loop feste

just wanted to thank steve, ric, andre, and everyone who came out last
night. there was some beautiful and inspiring music last night. andre did
some amazing tricks with his edp. ric's playing is simply beautiful. and
steve was inspring. it's so nice to see a musician so in tune with his
instrument and intention, yet comfortable enough to still have fun with
it. i recorded each set onto minidisc and managed to take a few digital
pics. i'm leaving this morning and not returning for a little over a
week. i'll post some mp3's and pics somewhere when i return.

so how about we have our next event less a showcase and more a co-op? i
was thinking of something similar to a 'songwriters circle', but with
fellow loopers. we could all sit in a circle and jam and throw ideas at
one another. wadatasay?

anyway, it was great meeting all of you.

take care,