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Re: EDP's just turned up in UK

Since Switzerland does not require CE, you can also get EDP's there. From
what I've heard the distributer there is called Zenker Ltd., and their
website is http://www.zenker.ch. I believe they have them in stock.


>In a message dated 27/06/01 15:00:49 GMT Daylight Time,
>Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com writes:
>> Does this mean the long awaited EC verion is finally shipping ?  My
>>  friendly local emporium (Midician, Gent Belgium) has been trying to
>>  get hold of some, but whom has distributership is very unclear at the
>>  moment .
>>  Hmm ... i wonder which machine will hit these lowland shores first ;^)
>No, no CE yet.
>I bought them straight from Trace Elliot.
>if you're interested contact
>they have about 80 machines to sell,
>andy butler

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