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Re: Loop Feste Decompression - question for Andre

Hey, retiring is not the same as Dying!!
I can think of worse places to be than Sam Gimigniano too.
Sienna is great too - any other Italian towns?
My fave is San Gemini where I rcorded my wife walking down a narrow street,
bangles jangling and doves alighting from the roofs... ah, now I'm getting


> Yes, lovely place, been there.  But my all-time favorite place to die in
> Siena, no question.
>   | >
>   | ...out of curiosity, how did you think of San Gimigniano? I
>   | lived near there
>   | for a while and couldn't think of a better place to retire, play
>   | enjoy more than just the olives...
>   |
>   | Roberto
>   |
>   | P.S.