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Bitter here

Little bitter here??????

--- "J.P. Stemwedel" <fission_hole@yahoo.com>
> wrote:
>I had tried to sign up for this list a while back
>while I was visiting with my in-laws and because of
>some vagary of some mix up with their on-line service
>and my confusion with it, they got signed up on this
>list and got a ream of emails that were meaningless to
>them.  When they asked how to get off of this list,
>they received insulting and demeaning responses, and
>not a single helpful response.  This is childish and
>pathetic.  I have unsubscribed them since finding out
>about this, and I have only temporarily subscribed to
>this list to tell you sorry lot that I want nothing to
>do with such a cretinous bunch.  If this is the kind
>of community the internet fosters, god bless the
>luddites.  Enjoy your megalomania without me, thank
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