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RE: Pedal boards

I lay out my pedals (and cutouts for any proposed new ones...) taking into 
account whether I want any on risers or tiers... then use either 1/4" or 
3/8" baltic birch plywood... which is an expensive wood, but really 
strong. Velcro is used to mount the pedals... I glue and screw hardwood 
risers for the second tier to the baseplate, then use velcro and t-nuts to 
attach the riser top plate. Which makes it easy to remove the top plate 
using just two furniture screws with large diameter allen heads. The 
velcro does most of the holding while the t-nuts make it fail-safe. The 
bonus of having a riser is that there's room below it for power supplies, 
midi relay switchers, and cables. Mine's about 30" x 18"-20" I believe... 
It's a pain having a case made for it because I have a tall Lovetone pedal 
on the back riser which is so much higher than the other stuff with jacks 
pointing upward... which would put them up against any padding on the 
inside of the case making it susceptible to failure... still trying to 
figure out a better sport and way to mount the Lovetone stuff...


>>> Steuart.Liebig@maritz.com 07/03/01 01:13PM >>>
my "pedal board" is laughable . . . it's pieces of fomecor (it's light!)
velcroed together with pedals velcroed to that. i have two that are modular
- - small set-up and extension for the big set-up - - side by side . . .
both are double-decker items. looks like crap.


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Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 1:09 PM
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Subject: Re: Pedal boards

>    anyone else have pedal boards?  (a board / carrying case for your
>pedals).  I'm designing / building my own... Was curious how anyone else
>tackled it.  I'll happily share my design once I get it ironed out....
>    Mike

I use one of the cheapo SKB pedalboards, but have been eyeing the custom
setups from pedalboard.com with great interest.

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