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  Ok, Iīve had it,Iīll share this, and see if anybody has had the samew
problems or itīs just my bad luck.

  I bought a DL4 in Paris France last year,and after testing a unit at the
store I got a new one (closed box) and went home.

   The unit was not working:it made a single repetition delay on every 
I tried, I tried everything, and nothing worked, not even the looper.

  I got back to the store,and to my surprise I could not get a replacement
because all their shipment was like that!  I finally decided to pick other
stuff for the same price,and then 6 months after this incident I tried
getting another DL4 from another store, wich,worked for a while, then it
started to get what I call "dead periods"I plugged it and didnīt worked, 
after a while it turned on by itself and  finally itīs been plain dead for 
weeks now.

   I love the sound of line 6 products, but man, theyīre crap,at least for
me.Iīll try to get a refund or a replacement,I donīt want to pay a hundred
dollar repair or anything and really Iīve had it with line 6. 

     has anybody on the list experienced the same thing as me? any feedback
on the matter? I think itīs a bad sign when an entire shipment of pedals is
not working...

  Andy in Paris.