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Re: Againinator wish list (Eno's thoughts)

Sure we all do (search the Archives for "God Box") but Brian Eno Wrote 
this for
Wired Magazine, and I can't say that I do not see his point (one wouldn't 
this based on my stuff!)


Allan Hoeltje wrote:

> Here is my Againinator feature wish list:
> It is big.  It is at least as big and beautiful as a large Moog modular
> synth.  (See www.synthmuseum.com/moog/moomod04.html for an image.)
> It is modular so that multiple Againinator delay units can be added.
> It has digital patch cords and all the modular units have digital inputs 
> outputs.  And MIDI control - yes, more cables!
> Other digital effects modules can be added so that the delay feedback
> signals can be routed through various effects, such as the BlenderQueen
> (tm), etc.
> Seriously, I do want a completely modular digital audio shredding device.
> It would have individual dedicated modules for filters, reverb, 
> chorus, etc., all of which can be added in any combination and be 
>patched in
> any order.  All audio signals are digital, no line level analog signals
> exist except in the main in/out module which has a top of the line
> AtoD/DtoA.
> Sure, one may be able to do this in software with a Kyma, but I want an
> impressive wall of electronics and lots of cables and knobs!
> -Allan