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Re: 'plex q , jam q


-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Biffle <Mike.Biffle@asml.com>
-- I really loved the detailed way I could control my LXP15 delays with cc
control... It's such a big, heavy box though that I grew tired of having it
invade my otherwise tidy rack. I may still end up with another one though
because it was such a friendly and deep user interface. Great balance
between simplicity and complexity... great verbs too...

Agreed and how, I have a 15 in my rack (sits at the bottom!) and really get
off on being able to tweak the delay length, then go in and add some reverb
or take it away or notch it up a few semi-tones. That machine is a real
sleeper. Have you had any experince with the LXP-15II. I read somewhere 
it has a much longer delay than the 15?
yep, PedrOOrdeP