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Re: Lexicon LXP15's...

There were some issues with the original LXP-15s on program loads which 
were eliminated on the 15IIs. Delay times were not extended. There were 
some new presets added, mostly designed for guitar use, hence the mix 
ratio being different. (Boy, it's been a long time since this stuff was 

I recently retired my LXP-15 from my guitar rack and replaced it with an 
MPX-1. There are things about the 15 I really miss, but there's a ton of 
stuff that can be done with the MPX-1 that the 15 can't even get close 
to. I still use the 15 as an outboard device on the recording rig...

The things I really dug about the 15: the modulating delays (they were 
also improved in version 2) which have a really lovely, gentle (or not) 
chorusing vibe. The pitch shifting, while in no way pristine, had a 
really odd character that I used extensively. The MPX-1 is much cleaner, 
though I'm not sure I like it as well in certain cases. Also: Infinite 
verb-especially, being able to attach reverb time to a foot controller, 
swell a note into infinite land (a verb loop) and play over it, then 
swell it back in. Great stuff...

Jon Durant 

>Subject:     Re: Lexicon LXP15's...
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>Received:    7/6/01 7:05 AM
>From:        Mike Biffle, Mike.Biffle@asml.com
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>>> From: Mike Biffle <Mike.Biffle@asml.com>
>-- I really loved the detailed way I could control my LXP15 delays with 
>control... It's such a big, heavy box though that I grew tired of having 
>it invade my otherwise tidy rack. I may still end up with another one 
>though because it was such a friendly and deep user interface. Great 
>balance between simplicity and complexity... great verbs too...
>> Agreed and how, I have a 15 in my rack (sits at the bottom!) and really 
>off on being able to tweak the delay length, then go in and add some 
>reverb or take it away or notch it up a few semi-tones. That machine is a 
>real sleeper. Have you had any experince with the LXP-15II. I read 
>somewhere that it has a much longer delay than the 15?
>I've had both... 2 LXP15II's and 1 LXP15. The only real difference is the 
>faceplate changed - and the mix ratio on about half the patches. Same 
>stuff, just a more performance oriented slant on the II's and a cosmetic 
>facelift. My second LXP15II seemed like it had more artifacts and 
>zippering than the first, which really bugged me. It was seriously abused 
>in the shipping though... that's about the only thing I can figure. I 
>still might get another one. They go for a pittance of their original 
>price now...