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Re: endless loop tapes

New to the (awesom) list after wonderful "bass looping festival" in san
jose-- wow!, just spent the day messing with karlette and other pseudo
looping caca on cubase cause i don't have any looping hardware yet but
otherwise totally motivated by the bass looping experience, any dedicated
VSt looping plug ins exist-say that will record loops from a midi sustain

Used to loop 1/4 inch tape on 4 tracks with paper over the erase head of 
of them or a variable resistor and a wood block for a pedal and the other 4
track about 20 feet awy with an extra reel suspended from a boom stand to
support the loop midway.

While i respect your suggestion, I have seen some of the damage even the
mist(which is exuded for days after seemingly drying) from superglue can do
to plastics and metal (although it could be argued that there are adhesives
on splicing tape-another good reason to get better at minimizing the 
would just practice making better splices. It can be done "seamlessly" with
practice for sure.


on 7/9/01 8:20 PM, Andrew Wing at spam.dot@home.com wrote:

>> 1. what's the easiest way to kill that gap/pop ?
> I've had good luck with a tiny dab of superglue.  Also a splicing kit
> will do if you're very careful with
> butting the ends together.