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Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

Bret (12:47 AM 07.13.2001) wrote:

 >--- Mark Pulver <mark@redmoon-music.com> wrote:
 >>Functionality is all there, the manual is complete,
 >> and they've been "code complete" for a while. It's all about
 >last->minute tweaks at this point.
 >> Mark
 >If the last minute tweaks are not code, then what could they be?  In my
 >industry, "code complete" means you lock the code, the tweaks are done,
 >and the testing on the tweaks is done.

In the last couple of jobs I've been in (big and small, ISO 9001 and not), 
we call "code complete" meaning that the developers have completed what 
they feel is their pass to provide all the functionality that the spec 
calls for. At that point, you turn the product over to QA for a full test 
(versus unit tests or testing with known restrictions) and see what shakes 

For example, the project I'm on now was "code complete" a couple of weeks 
ago, yet we're still in the code making changes. Our QA group is enjoying 
themselves finding certain Compact Flash parts that don't work, certain 
CD-ROM drives that cause the code to not show all files on a CDDA disc, 
operation issues with user-flow diagrams, etc.

 >When you tweak the code, you must regression test.

Yeup. Which is basically why this test cycle with Repeater is taking a