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Re: Check out my Spiral

> > hmm... I dont really create infinite loops... as everyone may know by
> > now, I think the spiral represents best what we do...

I've only joined the list recently and this is my first mail. My 2 cents on

The mobius design is v nice, I'd be interested in a tshirt with such a

One idea of a less abstract (and maybe cheesy) design is the notion of a
tape loop (think reel-to-reel deck).
Either a black and white (overhead?) picture of a tape deck set up with
loop. This would have quite a retro feel, and I'm not sure wether laypeople
would recognise the customised tape and thus get the loop connection. The
idea is perhaps flawed :-)

However, communicating the notion of loopbased music in an image form to
non-loopers is an interesting design challenge.
The mobius strip looks great, but is pretty esoteric and 'cool' in that
detached 90's kind of way. People can of course go to the url...

A technical question -
I'm intruged by the roland sp-808, but the idea of having everything run 
a zip disk is scary to me. Has anyone had the zip crap out, or is the
engineering suitably reliable? I wondering how to take my music live, and
have come down to either an EMU esi 32 or 4000 with zip and Peavey 1100 
controller, or an sp-808. (both setups probably about 500-600dollars
secondhand in 6 months, if not less)
The emu/peavey combo is in theory much more proffesional, but I feel the 
will be more fun and actually help create new music, rather than just 
live control over whats already on my harddisk.  I had an esi32 years ago,
so I know what it can do.