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the electrix repeater

hi. i just joined the list. i've been reading archives for a couple years 
now, or more and looping for who knows how long. i started out on a 
echoplex in 1983. i sold my jamman in march and put a deposit on a 
because at the time it was going to be released in a week. ya right! its 
now august and still no sign nor word about the release date.

does anyone out there, ideally who works for electrix, have some idea when 
these will ship??? i'm getting impatient. i've put a number of projects on 
hold pending the integration of a repeater into my work. first, to be 
released in march, then early june, then late, then july, now its august.


by the way, you can here some loopwork of mine and my colleague paul at 
www.mp3.com/softwarehere . the tracks are live, totally improvised, 
recorded straight out of the mixer to DAT at the gig. I build up the bed 
tracks live in headphones as paul plays zen space guitar. then i fade the 
tracks in, we jam, loop, fade out and move to a new segment. enjoy! and 
me know what you think.

brett maraldo